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Upgrading Your Business Phone System: 3 Things to Consider

In the 21st Century, there is a range of ways in which businesses can communicate, such as email, social media and instant messaging. However, despite these technological advances, the good old fashioned telephone is still going strong. Hearing someone else's voice can still be a powerful tool when talking to customers or other partners. Modern phone systems offer a number of features which help to make your business easier to reach and your staff more productive. If you are looking to install a new phone line system, you should consider one which features the following features.

Advanced call handling

If you attempt to run a business using a simple one-way phone line, you will soon discover that this will not allow you to deal with your customers or your trading partners adequately. Therefore, if you are updating your phone system, you need to make sure that it allows you to access advanced call handling options such as the ability to make three-way calls, call transfer, conference calling and automated answering. These features could make a significant difference in your ability to attract and keep new customers and your profits. For example, an automated call answering service will allow you to take calls when no-one is in the office which will mean you do not miss an opportunity to connect with potential customers.

Increased accessibility

When you think of a business phone system, you may think of them being an antiquated system which is located in and fixed to one place. However, advances in technology mean that modern phone systems are now capable of adding flexibility to your business by allowing your staff to behave in a more dynamic way when they need to be reached. One feature, called single-number reach, offers increased accessibility is the chance for your employees to make and receive phone calls using the office line using other devices such as their laptops, smartphones or tablets.

Improved response 

Finally, you should think about the response time that your current phone line offers and the benefits of improving your staff's response to customers. On an old phone system, your customers will need to call a single phone number a number of times in order to get through because the line is busy with other customer's calls. A modern phone system will allow you to connect your office phone line to multiple devices. Doing so will allow you to delegate the task of answering the phone to everyone in the office rather than just one person.

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