Phone Services For Business

Designing a cloud-based phone system for staff on the move

Having a phone system that works when everyone sits at their desk is fine, but what about if you have staff who are often out and about (either on site or off site)? Designing a phone system that can reach active staff is a great way to keep communication going and minimise frustration for clients and others staff who are trying to reach tricky to reach people. 

Go on the cloud

One of the answers to this is to use a cloud-based phone system, which sends all incoming calls to a cloud system. It then directs then to a device and if the person is in the range of a WiFi system, then the call is transmitted over a data connection. In the event that there is not a WiFi signal (for example if the call occurs when someone is offsite or travelling) then the call switches to a phone signal frequency. 

Transportable devices

Another important factors is to have transportable devices for all staff. In many cases people will already own smart phones that can be used for work calls, but in order to simplify the technical support it may be easier to have all of your staff on a single model of phone, running on the same operating system. You can often hire these phones through a phone company or buy these in bulk if you are looking for a relatively simple device that provides email and phone access but doesn't need to be able to have processing power to run more complex apps such as maps or games. 

Conferencing tools

In addition to direct phone conversations it can be useful to have group calls, or video conferencing functionality built into telephone system can be a great idea. This can simplify your communication tools and make it easier for staff to collaborate even when they are working at remote locations. Using camera functions and shared screens can help people to make better decisions within the organisation and make sure that you can make decisions more quickly.

Cloud-based systems can be a great way to connect your staff no matter what location they are working in. By using WiFi connections you can often lower the costs associated with mobile phone bills while improving the speed of finding people in your organisation and improving communication. Why not talk to a phone system company today and explore how you could move to cloud based system?