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What to Know about OPPO Water Exposure Phone Repairs

Having a smartphone near you is likely just part of your daily life. This is especially true if you are in business or if you own your own freelance company. When you are with your phone this much, certain repairs will come up. These repairs could be a cracked screen or could be something wrong with the battery. One repair that you may not be prepared for is water exposure. Here are some things to know about this type of OPPO or other manufacturer phone repairs. 

Drying the Phone

The first thing to know is that you should try to dry out the phone as much as possible while you wait for phone repairs. You can dry out your phone in a number of ways. The most common is to remove the backplate of the phone as well as the battery if the model of your phone has a battery. Place the phone and the battery in dry rice. The rice will help to remove the water and allow your phone to begin drying out. This helps reduce further damage that the phone repair technician may not be able to repair as easily.

Screen Replacement

In most cases, exposure to water will mean your phone needs some sort of screen replacement. This may mean a simple screen replacement due to trapped water, but may also mean replacing the LED light or touchscreen sensors of the screen. This type of repair is dependent on the extensive nature of the damage. Your phone repair technician will need to examine the phone and determine the level of damage in order to inform you about the type of screen replacement that is needed. 

Battery Replacement

The water damage may affect the battery as well as other aspects of the phone. During the repair consultation, the battery will be checked and tested. This means testing the battery to ensure it not only still works, but that it works to the optimal level it is supposed to. If the battery is not working at optimal levels because of the water damage, it may not charge fully or cause a short in your phones electrical system. If this is the case, your battery will need replacement. 

If your OPPO or another manufacturer phone has been exposed to water contact your local phone repair technician. They can schedule a time for you to come into the repair location and discuss the OPPO phone repairs related to your phone. They can look at the damage and determine what will need to occur and if your warranty covers those repairs.