Designing a cloud-based phone system for staff on the move

Having a phone system that works when everyone sits at their desk is fine, but what about if you have staff who are often out and about (either on site or off site)? Designing a phone system that can reach active staff is a great way to keep communication going and minimise frustration for clients and others staff who are trying to reach tricky to reach people.  Go on the cloud

Upgrading Your Business Phone System: 3 Things to Consider

In the 21st Century, there is a range of ways in which businesses can communicate, such as email, social media and instant messaging. However, despite these technological advances, the good old fashioned telephone is still going strong. Hearing someone else's voice can still be a powerful tool when talking to customers or other partners. Modern phone systems offer a number of features which help to make your business easier to reach and your staff more productive.