A Tranquil Journey: Exploring the Natural Beauty of Namhae Island, South Korea




At the southern tip of Korea, Namhae is a sanctuary of calm where the blue sea meets crashing waves and stunning coastlines. Departing from Seoul, it takes approximately 5 and a half hours to be completely immersed in its charm.

In this post, I will introduce you to the delights of traveling to Namhae in Gyeongsangnam-do province and assist you in planning your trip.



  1. Introduction to Namhae Island


Namhae, located at the southern tip of South Korea seaside, is an island (now connected with two bridges), characterized by its blue sea, beautiful coastlines, lush forests, and natural landscapes. It is an ideal destination for those seeking relaxation and adventure amidst nature.

Located about 5 and a half hours from Seoul, it is also a popular weekend getaway spot. Namhae offers a variety of pleasures for travelers, including delicious seafood, unique local cuisine, quaint cafes, and guesthouses.

The constant rhythm of blue waves along the Namhae coastal road or a stroll along the beaches allows you to experience the beauty of nature.



남해사진 5309 창선삼천포대교 min

Image source:  Namhae County Office  (www.namhae.go.kr)



남해12경 0006 2경 남해대교와 남해 충렬사

Image source:  Namhae County Office  (www.namhae.go.kr)




namhae 4617559 640 다랭이논 Pixabay 15 Apr 2024




  1. Major Attractions


There are various attractions and activities to enjoy in Namhae. Let me introduce places for travelers to experience and explore.



관광진흥과 0371 송정솔바람해변 07 min

Image source:  Namhae County Office  (www.namhae.go.kr)



관광진흥과 0376 송정솔바람해변 12 min

Image source:  Namhae County Office  (www.namhae.go.kr)


관광진흥과 0373 송정솔바람해변 09 min

Image source:  Namhae County Office  (www.namhae.go.kr)




(1) Namhae Coastal Drive:


      Regardless of which route you take, you will be treated to beautiful coastal scenery.  While driving along the coastal road, be sure to enjoy a seafood meal at one of the restaurants nearby.



남해문화관광 0026 물미해안도로 min

Image source:  Namhae County Office  (www.namhae.go.kr)






republic of korea 5131925 640 min


korea 2804702 640 min




(2) Namhae  Trekking Courses and Walking Trails:


       In Namhae, there are many beautiful trekking courses and walking trails harmonized with nature.  You can enjoy the blue sea and sky while walking along the coast. Here are a few to introduce:


남해사진 4115 금산과 운해 1 min

Image source:  Namhae County Office  (www.namhae.go.kr)




(3) Namhae Mudflat Experience:


       It’s an opportunity to get close to nature, and the experience of collecting clams or seafood directly from the mudflats will add to the fun of your Namhae trip.




korea 2720706 640 min



(4) Sangju Eumore(Silver-sand) Beach:


       A simple and charming beach where you can spend leisurely time walking barefoot on the beach. There is also a camping site on the beach



남해문화관광 0058 상주은모래비치

Image source:  Namhae County Office  (www.namhae.go.kr)



남해문화관광 0007 상주은모래비치

Image source:  Namhae County Office  (www.namhae.go.kr)



남해문화관광 0082 상주해수욕장

Image source:  Namhae County Office  (www.namhae.go.kr)



남해사진 4163 상주해수욕장의 봄 min

Image source:  Namhae County Office  (www.namhae.go.kr)





(5) Sangsang Yangtte Sheep Ranch Hinoki cypress Forest:


       You can enjoy a stroll along the Hinoki cypress forest path and beautiful scenery. The “Sangsang Yangtte Sheep Ranch Hinoki cypress Forest” in Namhae is surrounded by various trees, including Hinoki cypress trees that emit phytoncide, covering an area of 33K square meters.


       It is situated in a high area, offering a splendid panoramic view. A magnificent view of Hallyeosudo unfolds before your eyes. It’s also a great time to run around with the sheep. You can feed them, touch them, hug them, and take pictures together. Baby sheep are especially popular with children.







(6) German Village:


       Located in Moolgeon-ri, Samdong-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do province. It was developed by Namhae local office to help Korean-German expatriates who were nurses and miners dispatched to Germany (West Germany at the time) in the 1960s and now settle back in South Korea.


      Korean-German expatriates imported materials from Germany and built traditional German houses, serving as a tourist attraction that connects German culture with Korea.



남해문화관광 0027 독일마을 1

Image source:  Namhae County Office  (www.namhae.go.kr)





(7) Horticultural Art Village:  A large garden located at the edge of the German Village.


       In spring, roses and various flowers bloom in abundance, creating a more beautiful scenery. It is a place that retired residents of Angjaehwahwae Village in Seoul have decorated. It is a garden carefully tended by gardeners and filled with beautiful flowers and trees.


        It is even more beautiful when flowers are in full bloom, and visiting around May when almost all flowers, including roses, are in bloom is the best.





tulips 7137147 640 min




(8) Treasure Island Observatory and Sully Skywalk:


       You can enjoy the clear view of the Namhae seaside and take a rest at the cafe there.






(9) Sacheon Sea Cable Car:


       The Namhae Sacheon Sea Cable Car is the first maritime cable car in Korea, located at the entrance to Namhae near the Samcheonpo Bridge connecting Sacheon and Namhae Island.


       From the cable car, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Namhae seaside and Hallyeohaesang National Park. The cable car is approximately 2.43 kilometers long, and it takes about 20 to 25 minutes for a round trip.






  1. Local cuisine and food


Enjoying local cuisine is one of the pleasures of traveling. In Namhae, the food harmonizes with its natural surroundings.

As Namhae is famous for its seafood, there are many restaurants near the Namhae Coastal Road where you can taste delicious seafood, fresh grilled clams, and the famous local dish, “Gamja Ongsimi.”



koreanfood 5015698 640 min



(1) Restaurant:  


      Famous for its dried anchovy rice mixed with sauce, served alongside various local side dishes, as well as other local cuisine featuring fresh ingredients and special seasoning.


      • HIP-Han Sik (Long queue line possible in the weekend):
      • EunSeong Ssambap:
      • IL-Sik-Myeon-YeoChan:
      • Namhae Jung SikDang:



(2) Cafe and Bakery:  


        You can visit Cafe and Bakery for coffee and enjoy a variety of dessert options while taking a moment to relax and simply enjoy a peaceful break.


    • Dol-Chang-Go:
    • Yellow Chew Donut:



cafe 7730820 640 1 min




  1. Accommodations

In Namhae, you can enjoy comfortable relaxation in various price ranges of accommodations, such as Airbnb and pensions.

Staying and resting at a beachfront pension where you can hear the sound of the waves is also a great choice, as it brings you sweet sleep at night.



남해문화관광 0002 아난티 남해

Image source:  Namhae County Office  (www.namhae.go.kr)





  1. Transportation:  Seoul to Namhae (Island)


(1) Using Express Bus:

       a. Take an express bus from the bus terminal to Jinju Express Bus Terminal.

       b. Transfer to a local bus at Jinju Terminal to Jinju Intercity Bus Terminal.

       c. Transfer to an intercity bus from Jinju Intercity Bus Terminal to Namhae Intercity Bus Terminal.

       d. Estimated travel time is approximately 5 hours and 20 minutes.



남해사진 5310 창선삼천포대교 min

Image source:  Namhae County Office  (www.namhae.go.kr)




namhae bridge 1679086 640 Pixabay 15 Apr 2024




(2) Using KTX Express Train and Intercity Bus:

       a. After getting off at Suncheon Station or Jinju Station, take an intercity bus to Namhae.

       b. Estimated travel time is about 5 hours.



travel 3331543 640 min


train 2610209 640 min



(3) Direct route from Seoul Express Bus Terminal:

      a. It takes about 5 hours to travel from Seoul Express Bus Terminal to Namhae Intercity Bus Terminal.

      b. Using intercity buses: Intercity buses heading to Namhae are available at Jinju Station or Masan Express Bus Terminal.



(4) Entering Namhae by Car:  There are two options available.

       a. Pass through Hadong and enter Namhae via Namhae Bridge: The most common route.

       b. From Sacheon, enter Namhae via Changseon Samcheonpo Bridge: Offers various landscapes to enjoy.





namhae 3519942 640 남해대교 야경 Pixabay 15 Apr 2024




  1. Other option:  Renting a car for touring around Namhae Island is also a good choice.




  1. Summary

Namhae (Island) is a travel destination with beautiful coastlines, natural landscapes, and delicious food. You can create memories on the blue sea and beautiful islands.


    • Beautiful natural landscapes:  Namhae boasts various natural landscapes such as the blue sea, beautiful coastal cliffs, and dense forests.
    • Unique culture:  There are many places where you can experience unique cultures such as German villages and horticultural art villages.
    • Delicious food:  Enjoy delicious food such as fresh seafood and the famous Namhae specialty, Gamja-ongsim.
    • Various recreational activities are available:  Swimming, trekking, strolling, fishing, cycling, renting a car for driving, and jet skiing
    • Beaches:  There are many places to enjoy swimming during the summer.
    • Photography:  Namhae is great for photography due to its beautiful natural landscapes.


Recommend traveling to Namhae!



남해문화관광 0001 송정솔바람해변

Image source:  Namhae County Office  (www.namhae.go.kr)



관광진흥과 0367 송정솔바람해변 03 min

Image source:  Namhae County Office  (www.namhae.go.kr)





7.  Additional references:


관광진흥과 0375 송정솔바람해변 11 min

Image source:  Namhae County Office  (www.namhae.go.kr)






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