Transportation Guide from Incheon Airport to Seoul and Gyeonggi Province


There are various transportation options available from Incheon Airport to Seoul and Gyeonggi Province, allowing travelers to choose according to their needs and budget.

In this post, we will introduce various transportation methods from Incheon Airport to Seoul and Gyeonggi Province.

Airport Railroad (AREX)

  • It is the fastest and most convenient way to connect Incheon International Airport and Seoul.
    • Express Train: Non-stop service takes about 43 minutes. Suitable for those who seek fast and comfortable travel.
    • All Stop Train: Stops at major stations between Incheon Airport and Seoul. Takes approximately 60 minutes and is more economical.
    • Official Website of AREX Airport Railroad


Airport Limousine Bus

  • Directly operates from Incheon Airport to major areas and hotels in Seoul and Gyeonggi Proince, providing comfortable and spacious seating.


  • The most direct and personal means of transportation. Available at the taxi stand on the 1st floor of the airport, offering both regular and deluxe taxis.
  • P.S.: Be cautious of illegal taxis.

Car Rental

  • Renting a car is a good option for long-term stays or visiting areas outside of Seoul.

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Bus Ticket Information

  • Terminal 1:  Bus-related information and ticket purchases are available at the bus ticketing counters located outside the 1st floor of Terminal 1.
  • Terminal 1:  Mid-night buses are available.
  • Terminal 2:  Mid-night buses are available at the bus stop on the underground 1st floor of Terminal 2.

Inquiries about Incheon Airport Buses

  • Seoul Area Buses: Dasan Call Center (02-120)
  • Gyeonggi Area Buses: Gyeonggi Call Center (031-120)
  • Bus to Gimhae: Samhwa Express Incheon Office (032-438-2143)

Inquiries about Incheon Airport Buses:

  • Gyeonggi Airport Limousine
    • Suwon: 031-211-9601
    • Anyang: 031-388-9601
  • KD Transport
    • Seongnam: 031-751-1552
    • Uijeongbu: 031-845-5171
  • Sunjin Express
    • Incheon: 032-886-7700
    • Siheung/Ansan: 031-402-4741

Additional Information:

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