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How do you manage service requests and projects?
Services & Projects
Excellante Korea
2024-02-13 16:29
For project requests, we apply traditional project management methodologies for effective planning, execution, and delivery, emphasizing a flexible and responsive approach tailored to the specific project environments.

For service requests, we commit to maintain a balance between efficiency and flexibility, applying the same project management methodology within the requested scopes.

Our primary goal is to take care of clients’ project and service execution promptly and accurately, in compliance with the legal aspects and regulations in practice in South Korea.

Below, we outline our best practices, incorporating effective methodologies in Project Management and Service Initiatives.


Services and Projects Management Process (Simplified Ver.)
Excellante Service and Project Management Workflow 15 Feb 2024 page 0001 1 1

Excellante Korea Service and Project Management Workflow (General Concept)
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