Introduction to Korea’s New Visa Guidance Service, ‘Visa Navigator’ by the Government



Let’s explore the newly introduced visa guidance service by the Korea Immigration Service of the Ministry of Justice, known as ‘Visa Navigator,’ designed for foreigners residing in or planning to stay in Korea.


1. What is ‘Visa Navigator’?

“Visa Navigator” is a new stay guide service for foreigners currently residing or planning to stay in Korea.

‘Visa Navigator’ acts as a guide to help foreigners better understand and access entry and stay immigration services.

Through this service, foreigners can easily access information related to their stay visas and understand an overview of the types of stay permits.


2. What can you get through ‘Visa Navigator’?

Foreigners can easily understand the types of stay permits, application procedures, and how to change their current stay status.

Additionally, they can obtain useful information such as eligibility and requirements, types and scope of employment, major consultation cases, and reporting obligations.

‘Visa Navigator’ supports foreigners in obtaining all the information related to entry, stay, and immigration-related services more conveniently.


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3. How can you use it?

However, for specific details such as required documents, please refer to the Immigration/Stay Guide at the HiKorea website (www.hikorea.go.kr) or contact the Immigration Contact Center (☎1345).


4. Closing Statement

We hope that through ‘Visa Navigator,’ foreigners can enjoy a more convenient life in Korea.


5. Attachments:

a. VISA NAVIGATOR (Customized Stay Guide) _English version as of May 2023, downloaded from HiKorea (www.hikorea.go.kr):


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