Korea Visa Portal Guide: Essential Information and Visa Application Procedures



For those planning entry or long-term stays in Korea, we introduce the Korea Visa Portal website (‘www.visa.go.kr‘), a comprehensive source for all information regarding Korean visas.

Operated by the Korean government, this official website aids foreigners and residents in finding the appropriate visa type, understanding the visa application process, and easily accessing necessary information. Enhance your experience in Korea by making your stay more convenient!


Key Features and Content of the Website:


1. Visa Navigator – Find the Right Visa for You

The Visa Navigator is a useful tool for foreigners and residents to easily discover the visa types they need.

By clicking the Visa Navigator button on the Website screen, answering a few simple questions allows you to quickly find the suitable visa type.


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2. Visa by Categories – Detailed Information on Visa Types

In this section, detailed information about visa types available based on the purpose of entry is provided.

Clicking the Visa by Categories button on the General Guide screen displays a list of various visa types for you to choose from, along with detailed information.


3. How to Apply – Visa Application Guidance

This section provides detailed information on the visa application process, required documents, and application methods.

By clicking the How to Apply button on the General Guide screen, you can explore two visa application methods: Online Application and Offline Application.

Choose the method that suits your situation to proceed with the visa application.


4. Other Sections and Functions – Information for Visa Application

In other sections, you can find information on visa application forms, visa application fees, tracking the progress of your visa application, entry and stay requirements, and the post-entry foreigner registration process in Korea.

Utilize this information to make your visa application process smoother and more accurate.


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5. Help Center – Assistance When Needed

Clicking the Help Center button directs you to the FAQ and Notice sections, where you can find answers to frequently asked questions and important notices about visa application.

Additionally, you can directly inquire about any concerns through 1:1 query menu after logging in.


6. Miscellaneous: Site Plan

If you find it challenging to locate specific information, clicking the Site Plan button in the website menu allows you to view the entire structure and content of the website at a glance. Use the Site Plan to quickly find the information you need.

We hope the Korea Visa Portal contributes to making your stay in Korea comfortable and enjoyable. Thank you.

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