Winter Halla Mountain Hiking Guide: Fantastic Adventure in Snowy Scenery


Jeju Island, situated at South Korea’s southernmost point, is inherently brimming with natural beauty and charm.

Especially in winter, many hikers visit because of the unique beauty of Halla Mountain, the highest mountain in South Korea. In this post, I’d like to introduce winter hiking on Hallasan(Halla mountain).

1. Hallasan(Halla mountain):

     Halla Mountain is one of the icons representing Jeju Island and is the highest mountain in South Korea, with an altitude of 1,950m.

     While all seasons – spring, summer, autumn, and winter – offer beauty, winter transforms Halla mountain into a snowy wonderland, greatly beloved by hikers.

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2. The Charm of Winter Halla Mountain Hiking:

      Hiking in the winter mountains offers an exhilarating adventure, and there’s no better place in Korea to enjoy such an adventure than Halla mountain.

     In winter, Halla mountain becomes a beautiful natural landscape covered in white snow, resembling a scene from a fairy tale. The beauty of the snowy forests and the unique experience of resting on snowy fields create unforgettable memories.

     The Halla mountain hiking trail covered in snow from the entrance to the summit is the perfect place for winter hiking, with snowy trees, forests, and beautiful lakes (such as Saryeoni Forest Road and Saryeoni Forest Lake) awaiting hikers. Successfully reaching the summit of Halla mountain, especially for beginners, offers the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views.

     In addition to the uniqueness of Baekrokdam(the summit of Halla mountain), the clouds enveloping Halla mountain’s waist, peculiar-shaped trees, and mountain peaks can be observed, and on clear days, you can even admire the view of Jeju Island below.

      Particularly, hiking the day after a snowfall can provide an extraordinary experience of a snow bombardment.

3. Winter Hiking Preparation:

     Preparation for winter Halla mountain hiking begins with thorough planning. Here are some important considerations:

     (1) Mandatory Reservation: Prior reservation with the Halla mountain National Park Management Office is required for entry.

     (2) Weather Check: Due to Halla mountain’s unpredictable weather, it’s necessary to check the weather conditions and entry restrictions of Jeju Island and Hallas mountain before arrival.

     (3) Thorough Preparation and Planning: Winter Hallasan hiking can be challenging. Adequate equipment such as hiking backpacks, winter clothing, waterproof hiking boots, sturdy crampons, poles, gaiters, raincoats, etc., must be prepared, along with mental readiness. Beginners should seek advice from experienced hikers and gather information beforehand.

    (4) Snack Preparation: Prepare snacks like water, nuts, bananas, and rice cakes to replenish energy during the hike.

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4. Hiking Plan for Beginners:

     (1) For Beginners: Reaching the summit of Hallasan(Halla mountain) is not easy for beginners. It’s advisable to set the goal of hiking to the Jindallaebat Shelter located along the trail. It’s relatively safe and offers beautiful scenery along the way.

     (2) Jindallaebat Shelter: According to signboards, it takes about 3 hours from the Seongpanak Course entrance to the Jindallaebat Shelter, but the actual time may vary depending on the hiking pace and resting time.

     (3) Rest at Jindallaebat Shelter: Upon arrival at the Jindallaebat Shelter, many hikers take a break. Here, you can have warm cup noodles as a meal substitute, which might be more enjoyable than any expensive banquet.

5. Safety Precautions:

     (1) Importance of Companionship: Hiking alone in winter mountains is risky. It’s advisable to hike with companions, ensuring each other’s safety.

     If you don’t have companions, joining an online hiking club and sharing information through it can be a good option. Paying a one-time membership fee and preparing for the hike through the club, then meeting at designated places in Jeju or the Seongpanak Course entrance for a hike together is also a great choice.

    Another option is to inquire about guided Halla mountain hiking tours offered by travel agencies to hike together.

    (2) Early Start: Considering the significant temperature difference in winter, departure time and hiking schedule should be sufficiently flexible. Starting the hike early in the morning and descending early afternoon after taking enough rest at Jindallaebat Shelter is safe.

    (3) Emergency Contact Preparation: In preparation for emergencies, inform your acquaintances of your schedule in advance, always keep your phone charged, and prepare spare batteries.

6. Recommended Halla mountain Hiking Course:

     (1) Seongpanak Course:

-Difficulty: Moderate to Low
-Starting Point: Seongpanak, Seongsan-eup
-Features: One of the most popular routes to the summit of Halla mountain.

     (2) The Seongpanak Course on Halla mountain is one of the routes that beginners can easily hike. This course has a moderate difficulty level, offers beautiful scenery, and is well-maintained, making it relatively easy even for beginners.

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7. Summary: Creating Special Winter Memories.


     Winter Halla mountain in Jeju offers a unique experience, joy, and beauty.

     With thorough preparation for safe hiking and an adventurous spirit, you can build wonderful experiences and special memories during your winter hike on Halla mountain.

     Wishing you a joyful and safe journey!

8. Additional References: Halla Mountain Winter Hiking blogs on YouTube below:


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