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#Refund Procedures
Below is the Service Fee Refund Policy, Procedures, and Process Flowchart:

Summary:  Refunds are determined based on the remaining achievement percentage, taking into account key milestones communicated to the client during the service, and deducting the actual costs incurred throughout the progress.


(1) Cancellation and Refund Request

If our service work is still in progress and service goals are not met yet, clients can cancel their requests and terminate services before the final closure of the last phase of the service.

Note: The final closure of the case signifies the fulfillment and completion of service goals, communicated to the client."


(2) Process:

a. Refund Request Submission:

The client must submit the refund request to Excellante Korea via email for recording.

b. Refund Processing:

For local tax matters, the refund is processed using the same methods as the service fees transferred to us.

C. Account Verification:

Bank transfer refund requires the client's account to match the service requester's name.


(3) Actual Costs:

a. The 3rd Party Support Costs:

The costs and expenses already paid or to be paid to 3rd-party engagement entities for that specific case are borne by the client

b. Commissions:

Clients bear any bank or credit card commissions during transactions or the refund process.


(4) Progress Status Report:

We provide regular email updates to clients regarding the service implementation plan, progress status, and key milestones, both before and after initiating the service and project case.

These updates include achievement percentage ratios for each phase until final closure.


(5) Calculation of Refund based on the Remained Achievement Percentage:

If our service work reaches a key milestone phase, and we have already communicated progress status information to the client, including the corresponding achievement percentage at that point, we will refund the remaining percentage of the service fee for that case, which is calculated based on the already achieved percentage

Additionally, we deduct both the support costs incurred by third-party entities and the bank transfer commissions from the service fee, which are to be borne by the client.


(6) Example of Refund Calculation Based on the Remaining Achievement Percentage:

a. Assuming:

(i). The service fee already paid: 100.

(ii). Costs and expenses incurred by third-party entities: 50.

(iii) Bank transfer commissions for the service fee: 5.

(iv). We have already informed the client about the progress status, including our achievement percentage ratio of 40%.

b. Refund Calculation:

(i). Deduct both the costs incurred by third-party entities (50) and the transfer commissions (5) from the service fee (100) = 100 - (50 + 5) = 45 (Remaining Service Fee).

(ii). Our achievement percentage is 40%, representing 60% of the remaining achievement percentage until the final completion of the case.

(iii). Calculate the refundable amount: Remaining Service Fee (45) x 60% (remaining achievement percentage) = 27.

(iv). Conclusion: The final refundable amount to the client is 27, as calculated based on the remaining achievement percentage and deductions for third-party support costs and bank transfer commissions.


Excellante Korea Refund Procedures Workflow  as of 1 Feb 2024
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